Some personal projects and tools


  • Akamai Anti-Bot SolutionApplication created by reverse engineering Akamai's browser script that can generate cookies and bypass anti-bot security.

    NodeJS, Golang

  • EyeSeeApplication that detects objects realtime through device cameras and use a text-to-speech to convert objects into 3D spatial audio to assist those who are visually impaired.

    TensorFlow, Python, NodeJS, ReactJS

  • PlanetTerp JavaScript API WrapperAPI Wrapper for API to allow for easy use with JavaScript.


  • Easy Adyen EncryptionEasy to use package for the node-adyen-encrypt npm module.


  • Instagram Utility ToolScript to track Instagram followers and following.


  • Capital One Eno VCC DeleterBrowser based script that allows for mass deletion of Capital One Virtual Credit Cards.

    TypeScript, Puppeteer